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Attention open source testers: Testing and Automation devroom at FOSDEM'21 is happening next year! Call for participation is now open. Checkout for more information!

Happy Testing!

If you like what we're doing and how Kiwi TCMS supports various communities please help us!

Hello testers, you can catch-up with your favorite open source test case management system during the month of March. Here's a list of events we are going to:

  • March 14 - QA: Challenge Accepted, Sofia where we will have an info booth. You will get a 15% community discount if you email and mention this blog post
  • March 19-21 - OpenTechSummit, Singapore - aka FOSS ASIA summit:
    • Kiwi TCMS exhibition booth - 3 days
    • How to write pylint plugins for fun & profit workshop on March 19th
    • Testing [for] security [in] open source presentation on March 21st

To claim a free Community Standard Ticket use code atodorov. First 5 tickets only! For a 25% discount use code fossasia-speaker. For a 25% discount use code exhibitor-friends - applies only to Community Standard Ticket.

  • March 27-28 - TestingStage, Kiev where Alex will present his Static analysis as a test tool session. You can also claim 15% ticket discount by using promo-code AlexanderTodorov
  • April 1-2 - TestCon Moscow where Alex will present the Static analysis as a test tool again

Original plan was to visit OpenTest Con, Beijing between March 30-31 which has now been cancelled! The new plan is to stay 2-3 more days in Kiev and join some meetups if available.

Feel free to ping us at @KiwiTCMS or look for the kiwi bird logo and come to say hi. Happy testing!

Kiwi TCMS is going to FOSDEM 2020

Stand at FOSDEM'19

Hello testers, Kiwi TCMS is going to FOSDEM 2020. This is where you can find us:

  • Fri Jan 31st: after 18:00 @ Delirium Café - we are taking part of the FOSDEM Beer Event where all participants are invited. Shout out with #KiwiTCMS on Twitter if you can't find us in the crowd
  • Sat Feb 1st: Testing and Automation devroom - we are proud to be co-hosting this devroom together with Linaro and SUSE. CfP is open until Dec 10th 2019. Apply here!
  • Sun Feb 2nd: Open Source Test Management stand - we will be together with our friends from SystemTestPortal and we are preparing some real black-box testing for you!

We would like to meet with all of you and talk about software testing, test management and test process organization. In case you are stuck for crazy ideas checkout our project mission for inspiration.

Picture: FOSDEM'19 with Kiwi TCMS, ReportPortal & SystemTestPortal

Happy testing!

Open source sprints at PyCon Balkan in Belgrade

Next month our team will be at PyCon Balkan, Oct 3-5 in Belgrade. Together with presentation and a workshop we are going to host open source sprints! These will be an informal gathering where participants will be able to learn more about how open source works and go through their first contributions. This is ideal for students and less experienced people but we welcome everyone. There will be tasks ranging from easy to very hard!

Who: 4 mentors from Kiwi TCMS and you!

What: full day of peer programming and contributing to Kiwi TCMS

Where: room will be announced on the days of the conference, follow @KiwiTCMS for more info

Why: up your tech skills, build your GitHub profile and have fun together

Translate Kiwi TCMS

Difficulty: easy

We have enabled Serbian language in our translation system. To get started checkout our translation contribution page. Once strings are translated kiwitcms-bot will automatically open a pull request with the new text.

Find unused CSS classes

Difficulty: easy

This should be relatively easy. For each class/selector defined in our CSS files search (grep) if any of the HTML templates use it. If it is not in use then remove it.

Find unused JavaScript code

Difficulty: easy

Similar to the above. We're not 100% certain but there could be legacy JavaScript functions which are no longer in use. Find them and remove them! At the very least you have confirmed that all functions are in use!

CodeClimate Minor severity issues

Difficulty: easy to moderate

Check-out the list of Minor severity issues. There are many of them:

  • CSS lint issues (we suggest you start with this one)
  • functions longer than 25 lines of code
  • functions with bigger cognitive and cyclomatic complexity
  • modules longer than 250 LOC

Try fixing a few to see how it goes and continue if you feel confident. Not everything may be an issue so if you have any questions ask someone from our team.

CodeClimate Major severity issues

Difficulty: moderate to hard

Check-out the list of Major severity issues. There are around 150 of them:

  • identical and similar code blocks
  • big modules
  • big functions

Most of these require some sort of refactoring, either splitting snippets of code into smaller pieces (functions or sub-modules) or using one function in several places instead of 2 very similar but different functions, etc. Ask our team members about which approach they prefer for fixing these issues to minimize the effort spent here.

CodeClimate Critical severity issues

Difficulty: hard

Check-out the list of Critical severity issues. All of these are functions with high cognitive complexity and the recommended way to deal with them is refactoring into class based views.

Improve pylint health

Difficulty: easy

Execute pylint against the latest sources and start fixing the issues. Looking at pylint logs the following items are relatively easy to work on:

  • Everything in module tcms.urls
  • Everything in module tcms.telemetry.api
  • Everything in module tcms.testruns.tests.test_views
  • Everything in module tcms.xmlrpc.forms
  • Everything in module tcms.testcases.tests.test_models
  • Everything in module tcms.core.forms.fields
  • Everything in module tcms.settings.common
  • Everything in module tcms.settings.test
  • All module-in-directory-without-init errors reported for module tcms.tests.__init__

Note: fixme, missing-permission-required and avoid-auto-field errors are usually harder to resolve and will require more work/refactoring. If you feel confident go ahead and fix them, if not skip to the next error message.

We also use a custom pylint checker which reports function based views. If you are looking for something harder to work on, then give it a try (see 3rd pylint line in Makefile) and refactor some of the existing view functions into class based views.

Fix 3rd party security issues discovered by Bandit

Difficulty: moderate to hard

Bandit is a static analysis tool similar to pylint. It focuses on discovering issues which may lead to security vulnerabilities. We have resolved all such issues in our own source code but we also execute Bandit against the entire Python dependency stack. There it finds thousands of issues, so much so that the reporter crashes.

In CI there are around 130 issues reported. The best course of action here is to execute Bandit locally against the offending library and then figure out what to do:

  • report an issue upstream
  • send a pull request upstream
  • if these are test files maybe exclude them from the package (e.g. don't ship them for production)

Note: inside Travis CI we have all runtime and testing dependencies which is more than what we have inside the official Docker image for Kiwi TCMS.

Work on reported issues

The following issues look suitable for a sprint and don't require lots of background knowledge. You can also find them using the PyConBalkan label on GitHub:

  • #212 - moderate - Convert jQ to $ - this is an easy search & rename but will require more extensive manual testing
  • #431 - moderate to hard - Remove JavaScript fireEvent() - 17 matches in static/js/. Must be replaced with direct function calls
  • #652 - easy - Removal of labels from form fields - all labels must be included in the HTML template and marked for translation
  • #681, #682 - moderate - Move API modules & their tests from xmlrpc/api/<app>.py to <app>/ These have good test coverage so you have to make sure you don't break anything
  • #971 - moderate - command for changing Site URL - will help with automatic provisioning, e.g. Ansible. For howto see Django docs
  • #1021 - moderate - Update TestCase page UI to allow adding TestPlans to cases - use TestPlan.add_case() API method and refresh the widget. See how Tags and Components cards work in the same page
  • #1070 - moderate - command for checking email settings - will help with troubleshooting misconfigured email. Must raise exceptions if something fails. For howto see Django docs
  • #733, #736, #738, #883, #1089 - hard to very hard - New checkers for pylint - Kiwi TCMS uses customized pylint checkers to discover various conditions. We need a few more of them and/or update of the existing ones

We hope to see you in Belgrade. Until then: Happy testing!

Kiwi TCMS conference presence, AW2019

Your favorite open source test case management system is going on tour again. During the next several months we will be at:

Feel free to ping us at @KiwiTCMS or look for the kiwi bird logo and come to say hi. Happy testing!

Image of the award

Kiwi TCMS is the winner at OpenAwards'19 category Best Tech Community! Big thanks to the jury, our contributors and core-team and the larger open source and quality assurance communities who voted for us and supported the project during all of those years.

This award is the best present we could get to mark the 10th anniversary of the project. More news of how we are progressing with current roadmap will follow soon in a separate blog post.

Thank you & happy testing!

Vote for Kiwi TCMS at OpenAwards 2019

Thanks to you, our community supporters, Anton Sankov and Alex Todorov took the lead at OpenExpo 2019 CfP votes. We need your help one more time. Our team has submitted participation in 'Best Tech Community' and 'Best Success Story' categories.

Unfortunately our submission into 'Best Success Story' has been pulled down! We used that category to share the story from a dead open source project into a thriving open source community with lots of users and contributors and to highlight some of our milestones. Here's the short version:

  • lots of technical updates and refactoring, latest everything, modern UI
  • the only open source test case management system on GitHub Marketplace
  • nearly 60000 downloads on Docker Hub
  • growing and active core team
  • active OSS contributors

Please help us gain more recognition:

Thanks you & happy testing!

On Tuesday I hosted my pylint workshop during the regular Django Bulgaria meetup. This edition was the first which was practice based.

Attendance numbers were low but participation was very good. We managed to create 4 new checkers for Kiwi TCMS:

Many thanks to all contributors. These new checkers have discovered quite a few new issues with Kiwi TCMS so this is an area which our team is going to improve.

Those who missed the workshop will be able to catch up one of the next editions:

  • 26-29 August, GUADEC, Thessaloniki - TBC (presentation)
  • end of September, Python meetup, Zagreb - TBA
  • 03-05 October, PyCon Balkan, Belgrade - TBC
  • 11-13 October, HackConf, Sofia
  • 15-17 October, TestCon Europe, Vilnius - TBC (backup presentation)
  • 23-25 October, Testwarez, Ossa, Poland - TBC (presentation)
  • 14-15 November, Software Engineering Conference Russia, Saint-Petersburg - TBC
  • 20-22 November, ConTEST, New York - TBC (workshop and/or presentation)

Happy testing!

Vote for Kiwi TCMS at OpenExpo

We are happy to announce that Anton Sankov and Alex Todorov are currently taking the lead at OpenExpo Europe's CfP votes!

Going to OpenExpo will be huge boost for Kiwi TCMS so please help us make this happen! Voting is open until March 17th 2019! You can cast your vote via Facebook login but remember to confirm your email address!

Thank you & happy testing!

Kiwi TCMS is going to FOSDEM 2019

Hello testers, Kiwi TCMS is going to FOSDEM this year. This is where you can find us:

Kiwi TCMS sticker

We would like to meet with all of you and talk about test management and test process organization. In case you are stuck for crazy ideas checkout our project mission for inspiration.

Be part of the community

We are turning 10 years old and we have presents for you! You will have to perform a small challenge and you can get your hands(errr, feet) on a pair of these:

Kiwi TCMS socks

Here's what else you can do to help us:

Happy testing!

Kiwi TCMS winter conference presence

We are happy to announce that OpenFest - the biggest open source conference in Bulgaria has provided an info booth for our project. This year the event will be held on 3rd and 4th of November at Sofia Tech Park!

Last time the team went to a conference together we had a lot of fun! Join us at OpenFest to learn more about Kiwi TCMS and have fun with us!

In case you are unable to visit Sofia, which you totally should, you can catch up with us in Russia until the end of the year:

Feel free to ping us at @KiwiTCMS or look for the kiwi bird logo and come to say hi. Happy testing!

Kiwi TCMS conference presence

Kiwi TCMS is going on a small conference tour. This is where you can find us in the next couple of months:

For all of the 3 conferences we're going to have a project presence. In addition to that you can catch-up with Alex Todorov, Kiwi's project lead at: TestCon Moscow(17-19 April, Moscow), Romanian Testing Conference(9-11 May, Cluj-Napoca), PyCon CZ(1-3 June, Prague) and DEVit(10-11 June, Thessaloniki).

If you can ping us at @KiwiTCMS or look for the kiwi bird logo and come to say hi!

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