Win 6 SUPERFAN tickets for HackConf 2021

by supporting Kiwi TCMS

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Wed 01 September 2021 under community , events

HackConf is one of the premium developer conferences in Bulgaria. Over the years Kiwi TCMS and HackConf have collaborated multiple times and our history goes way back to before the first edition of the conference! We're happy to announce that Kiwi TCMS will be giving away 6 SUPERFAN tickets for HackConf 2021 in order to celebrate their 6th anniversary!

All 6 tickets include:

How to win a ticket

We need your support in order to become part of GitLab's open source family! We kindly ask you to upvote the first comment at!

Scenario: help Kiwi TCMS become part of GitLab’s open source family
    Given: navigate your browser to
    And: log into GitLab via the "Sign in / Register" button
    And: complete the login / registration process
    When: click the 👍 icon under the first comment
    Then: wait for the winners to be announced!

"GitLab steps"

Thank you very much and Happy Testing!

Winners announcement

Winners will be selected from all voters, excluding Kiwi TCMS team members, HackConf organizers and GitLab affiliated accounts. The accounts which have participated can be verified with curl

Winners will be announced on Oct 6th 2021 in a blog post on our website. We will try our best to get in touch with all winners but we also ask you to get in touch with us if you see your username!

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