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test management system

  • For manual & automated testing
  • Internal + external bug trackers
  • Plugable architecture
  • Versatile API layer
  • Made by testers

Our mission is to transform the testing process by making it more organized, transparent & accountable for everyone on your team; to improve engineering productivity and participation in testing.

Everyday testing
Use the dashboard to see pending work. Execute tests, mark results and report bugs.
Test management
Create test plans and cases, track progress and assign work across multiple teams. Perform peer reviews.
Testing telemetry
Gives you instant insight into your testing. All the vital info for planning and status reports before release!
Integrated bug reporting with Bugzilla, JIRA, GitHub, GitLab & more. Additional workflow integration via GitHub App.
Test runner plugins
Use Kiwi TCMS plugins for TAP, JUnit, TestNG, py.test and other popular testing frameworks to collect automation results!
External API
Provides full access so you can get creative. Available via JSON and XML RPC with API client in Python.
Performance baseline at 7.5 req/sec or 130 msec/req which is comparable to giants like GitHub!
CentOS, Django & Python
Running the latest version of CentOS 8, Django 3 and Python 3!
Clean & modern UI
User interface based on the great Patternfly library!
Container ready
Easy to start with docker-compose up. 100K+ downloads on Docker Hub.
GitHub Marketplace
Kiwi TCMS became the first open source TCMS system on GitHub Marketplace.

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Free as in beer

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Private Tenant

  • Unlimited users. 1x tenant
  • Extra GitHub integration
  • Full access control
  • * domain
  • PostgreSQL schema isolation
  • Always the latest version
  • 9-17 UTC/Mon-Fri support
  • Email response within 72 hrs
  • Devel engagement within 3 months aka +1 priority
  • SSL enabled
Subscribe for 32 $/mo

Enterprise Subscription

Hosting options:
  • On-premise self-hosting by your team or
  • Managed hosting under *
    • SSL certificate will be provided
    • Can override default settings
    • Superuser access in web app
    • Will upgrade upon request
    • Fully isolated instance
Available add-ons in kiwitcms-enterprise: Additional services - 100 $/hr: Subscribe for 300 $/mo

OSS Program

  • For open source and partners
  • 1x Private Tenant
  • Brand endorsement
  • Feedback expected
  • Manual approval
  • 0.0 $/mo

More info about Kiwi TCMS subscriptions:

Create IEEE 829 or free text Test Plan

This document describes what and how are you going to test

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See what people who use Kiwi TCMS think!

If you're a test and QA engineer, Kiwi TCMS is a gem open source TCMS for your team. IEEE 829 compatible, free and open source, great folks behind the project.

Marko Kažić, CEO, Zamphyr

We're using Kiwi TCMS to organize all of our testing. It is used by our QA team to document test scenarios and provide peer review to other test engineers.

Maxim Krizhanovsky, VP Eng., Tradeo

Kiwi TCMS provided us with an application which solved our pain about building, maintaining and running manual regression tests.

Primož Klemen, QA tester, Better

We created our own Kiwi TCMS image and pushed it to a private AWS Elastic Container Registry as we wanted to configure Amazon SES as the email backend.

Harley Thorne, DevOps, BookingLive

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Better BookingLive Musala Soft phpList SEDC Zamphyr

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Awards & media

Mozilla Open Source Seed Award winner .eu Web Awards logo

Alex & Zahari invite you to TestCon Moscow 2020
LT with Lyubo (contributor), Zahari & Alex, OpenFest 2019 (in Bulgarian)
Eddie Jaoude talks Kiwi TCMS with Anton & Alex
Eddie Jaoude talks open source mentoring with Rady & Zahari
Eddie Jaoude: "I think we should pick Alex to be our first victim ..."
Anton Sankov live from HackConf 2019 (in Bulgarian)
LT: 10 years of Kiwi TCMS, FOSDEM 2019

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