Meet the Kiwi TCMS team

Alexander Todorov - project lead

Alex is a senior QA contractor with Red Hat and open source Python hacker with 10+ years of experience. He loves everything open source, public speaking, cooking with wine and riding fast motorcycles!

Anton Sankov - software engineer

Tony is a software engineer at Docker by day and core contributor to Kiwi TCMS by night. He is enthusiastic about containers, DevOps and Agile!

Radoslav Madjev - software engineer

In his everyday life Rady is a senior software engineer at ScaleFocus. He is passionate about scripting languages and believes that Linux shell is the most powerful software ever created.

Zahari Zahariev - technical mentor

Zahari is a software engineer at Attraqt as day gig and core member of Kiwi TCMS in his spare time. He is really into stuff like Linux, Python, AWS, Kuberentes and many other!

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