Legal information

Kiwi TCMS source code is developed by a core team and individual contributors.

Community donations are collected via Open Collective.

Project infrastructure, development and support services provided by:

Privacy policy

Public Tenant data is shared between all public accounts and is intended for demonstrational purposes. Everyone has the same read/write/delete access to everything except other user's profiles! There are no guarantees or SLA for Public Tenant.

Public Tenant accounts and all of their data are removed after 90 days of inactivity. This applies to users who have not logged in during that period and users who never confirmed their accounts!

FREE Public Tenant and Private Tenant accounts and all of their data are removed within 30 days of cancelling their subscription.

Account info is not shared with 3rd parties!

Kiwi TCMS doesn't perform any tracking of your activities or collect any statistics which are sent-home!