Progress update on open source hardware for black-box testing

in cooperation with Pionir

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Sat 10 October 2020 under community , bounty-program

Hello testers, as you know our friends at Pionir are working on physical hardware which can be used for interactive training and explanation of the Black-box testing technique. The inspiration comes from James Lyndsay’s Black Box Puzzles and Claudiu Draghia.

We have the source code of 3 boxes already published at but still missing bill of materials, design files for 3D printing and some basic instructions how to put everything together. There was a delay in delivery of some components but most of the work is close to completion. You may subscribe to issues for each box to follow the progress! Here are some images & videos from the development process.

Wason 2-4-6 box

Wason 246 box

Peltzman effect box

Peltzman effect box

Salience bias box

Salience bias box

According to Pionir's own words: We are testing the salience box and trying to cause emotional effect of an element. Vuk made a mistake and now he can't turn it off :D. How's that for dogfooding?

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