Kiwi TCMS is migrating from OAuth to GitHub App

so we can enable tighter integration with GitHub

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Sun 12 January 2020 under releases

Hello testers, Kiwi TCMS is migrating from its OAuth backend to the so called "GitHub App" backend in order to enable further integration with GitHub's PR flow as stated previously in our yearly goals. This blog post outlines the differences between the old and the new!

The old OAuth application only had access to your username, name and email for authentication purposes. Its authorization screen looked like so:

OAuth login screen

GitHub Apps on the other hand are designed for more granular access and tighter integration with the GitHub platform. This type of application still allows you to perform 1-click login into If this is your first time logging into Kiwi TCMS after the migration you will see the following screen:

App login screen

Notice how the heading, information section and action button are slightly different! The important section is Resources on your account! We still only need your name, username and email address! Existing Kiwi TCMS accounts (from before the migration) will continue to work and they will still have access to all of their data previously created. Authorization of this new GitHub app (e.g. login only) does not give it permissions to access your repositories and act on your behalf.

To permit this GitHub App to access your repositories and/or act on your behalf you must Install it first. That is tell Kiwi TCMS GitHub integration code what kind of resources from your GitHub account it is allowed to access. You may install into your personal GitHub account or an organizational account! You may do this by following the Install & Authorize button on our home page or directly from! The screen should look like this:

App installation screen

Initially we ask for read-only access to a few resources so Kiwi TCMS can start receiving webhooks from GitHub and synchronize information about your repositories into our database. This is documented both on the app installation screen itself (required by GitHub) and on!

Further ideas about integration between GitHub and Kiwi TCMS, including the original idea about status checks from Issue #700, can be found at

Help us grow

After this migration we're back to zero! The thousands of authorizations we've had on our legacy OAuth app can't be migrated to the new app. This also means our listing on GitHub Marketplace will be taken down and we have to qualify through the entire process from scratch.

Please help us get back on track! Here's what we ask you to do (in this order):

Thank you! Happy testing and happy new year!