Roadmap status report for 2020

goals 65% complete

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Thu 31 December 2020 under community , roadmap

Another year rolls out and despite all difficulties it is by far the strongest one for Kiwi TCMS!


Status update

From the 2020 roadmap we've established 3 main areas to work on. Their completeness scores are:

1) Team - 30%
2) Technical - 70%
3) Community - 100%

Average score is 65% completion!


Overall the team has stalled its growth and improvement. Contributors which started onboarding a year ago are still under-productive and do not meet our criteria to become core-team members. The average team productivity is far beyond the goal of 1PR/week/person. This is largely due to contributors not being active on their items, very long periods between pull requests and longer than average time for closing pull requests.

The only positive side in this area is that core-team has improved its internal processes, is meeting regularly, discusses issues with members when they arise and relatively quickly spots problems and acts on them.


The dominating effort this year was refactoring the remaining legacy UI and converting everything to PatternFly. The effect of this is reduced code complexity and improved CodeClimate score/technical debt, removed vendored-in JavaScript dependencies and lots of unused code in favor of using the existing API.

Additional work has been done on closing bugs, implementing some features, integration with new bug tracking systems and improvements around the telemetry feature.

However there is still a lot of work to be done until all telemetry pages are complete. There are also around 30 pylint issues remaining which require internal refactoring and more legacy code cleanup. It's getting there but it's also getting harder.


This area turned out to be our strongest one this year. We started very strong at FOSDEM 2020 and collaborated with multiple communities on plugins, code & translation contributions, adoption of Kiwi TCMS and general partnerships around open source.

Kiwi TCMS got a substantial grant from the Mozilla foundation which helped bootstrap our open source bounty program and internship program.

In May we reached 100K downloads on Docker Hub then in October we've surpassed 200K. Next month we'll reach 300K!


2020 was definitely a year full with uncertainties and hardship. It was not what we were used to and there were many ideas and lead projects that looked very promising in the beginning of the year but didn't materialize for a multitude of reasons.

Overall Kiwi TCMS, its team and its community did very well and I am confident that next year we can achieve more together!

Happy Testing and Happy New Year!

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