Roadmap status report for 2019

50-60% complete, slower pace, less visible progress

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Thu 26 December 2019 under community , roadmap

Hello everyone, in this article I will outline the progress that the Kiwi TCMS team has made towards achieving the goals on our 2019 roadmap. TL,DR: last year we've made lots of big and visible changes in Kiwi TCMS. This year less so. Progress has been slower than before and not so much visible. Community and team is growing. More contributors are welcome.

Complete the internal refactoring

Status: small progress, needs help

CodeClimate progress is:

The trend is showing less issues remaining but it has been a slow progress. As we fix the easier items the remaining ones become harder to deal with.

We've done minor work related to fixing issues reported by pylint. Around 150 of them still remain!

We have not done any targeted work to resolve other issues reported by Scrutinizer, remove vendored-in JavaScript libraries, JavaScript refactoring or classification of issues in 3rd party dependencies.

Redesign the UI templates with the help of Patternfly

Status: 60% done, needs help

There are 22 HTML templates remaining to be redesigned (from 59). That's mostly due to internal cleanup and some refactoring! Test plan and Test run pages are the two major templates that still need to be redesigned with Patternfly.

Modernize reporting aka Telemetry

Status: 60% done, in progress, behind schedule

The specs for the new Telemetry system have been defined after taking into account feedback on GitHub issues. Anton Sankov is the leading developer for this feature. So far we have 4 telemetry reports merged: testing break-down, status matrix, execution trends and flaky tests.

There are lots of minor issues or missing functionality in these first iterations (compared to specification). Work continues on the other telemetry use-cases and related items.

Plugins for 3rd party test automation frameworks

Status: good, needs help

UPDATE: no change in last 6 months.

If you'd like to see plugins for more test automation frameworks and/or file formats please checkout the documentation for links and more info.

Redefine bug-tracker integration

Status: 66% complete, in progress, behind schedule

We've been making slow progress on this milestone lately. For more info see

GitHub flow integration

Status: done, awaiting deployment

Our team spent some time making Kiwi TCMS the first open source TCMS available on the GitHub Marketplace. At the end of this year we were able to create a small application that allows further integration and extending the testing workflow to the GitHub platform.

This is waiting on a few more clarifications from GitHub before we deploy but for now it can be considered as done. Future functionality will be tracked and developed directly at

Agile integration with Trello

Status: no progress, will drop

This will be dropped from roadmap for the next year until we can get more interest from the community.

Improve engineering productivity

Status: no progress

Looking for external help here. This will stay as a low priority item on our roadmap for 2020 until we can free more resources on the team.


Status: great, on track, needs work

This is our strongest area during this year. We have a strong presence in multiple communities, our event schedule is very busy and we are gaining more recognition every day! Core team hit several big bumps this year and is still recovering with a few more people onboarding.

Kiwi TCMS suffers from the problem that many of our users can't be contributors or simply don't want to!

In short: it is important for us to follow our mission and develop our core team so we can deliver on promises made in our roadmap! That requires a lot of time and effort which reduces short-term productivity.

Happy testing!