Excellence in Innovation 2020 award for Kiwi TCMS

finalist in Innovative Enterprise of the Year

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Sat 26 December 2020 under community

"Virtual show screen"

Dear testers, we are happy to share that Kiwi TCMS has been distinguished with the Excellence in Innovation 2020 award by Applied Research and Communications Fund in Bulgaria. This is also the first award that we receive locally and we're very happy about that!

Kiwi TCMS was a finalist in the Digital transformation category for the fact that leveraging the power of open source we've transformed an abandoned project (the predecessor of Kiwi TCMS) into a usable product with over 270000 downloads to date!

If you would like to checkout the awards ceremony and all of the particiants go to www.innovation.bg, we're listed under Отворени Технологии България ЕООД (the name of our parent company)! Text and video is not in English however!

Happy Testing!

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