Kiwi TCMS subscription guidelines

how many subscriptions do you need

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Mon 01 November 2021

An active subscription provides you with certain guarantees that your organization will continue to extract value from Kiwi TCMS and is your buy-in into the open source world. We recommend that customers purchase a subscription for every container running Kiwi TCMS however this becomes distorted for teams who don't actively seek support and large organizations! Here are our guidelines.

Phase of deployment

Casual exploration: No subscription required. Use to explore Kiwi TCMS and formulate your questions and further plan of action.

Serious evaluation or Proof of concept: 1x Private Tenant SaaS or 1x Enterprise. You will have lots of questions during this period and you will need answers in a timely manner. You can cancel at any time!

Pilot: 2-3x Private Tenant SaaS or 1x Enterprise during the pilot period. Consider add-on services if you need data migration or custom development for a successful pilot. Plan your future needs and issues you'd like to see fixed.

Production: make your decision according to the size of your test team and anticipated support needs, see below.

Our mission is to transform the testing process inside your organization. You don't have to do it alone! Let us help you!

Number of testers

<= 25: 1x Private Tenant SaaS

25-100: 2-5x Private Tenant SaaS; consider splitting teams and purchase a subscription for each of them

100 - 200: 1x Enterprise; consider additional subscriptions of any kind for non-production instances

200 - 500 - 2-3x Enterprise; consider additional subscriptions of any kind for non-production instances

500 - 1000: - 5x Enterprise; consider additional Enterprise subscriptions for non-production instances

Over 1000: 10x Enterprise; consider add-on services for custom development

Note that these are not hard rules as we don't restrict the number of accounts registered into a specific instance nor how many containers you deploy!


Note that you can still deploy Kiwi TCMS with a 1x subscription inside organization with thousands of testers. Or even no subscription at all. Do you really value your testing infrastructure that low though?

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