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Manual testing

Use the dashboard to see pending work. Execute tests, mark results and report bugs.

Automated testing

Use Kiwi TCMS plugins for popular testing frameworks to collect automation results!

Test management

Create test plans and cases, track progress and assign work across multiple teams.

Testing telemetry

Instant insight into testing. Vital info for planning and status reports before release!


1-click bug reporting with 3rd party bug trackers. Additional integration via GitHub App.

External API

Provides full access so you can get creative. Available via JSON-RPC and XML-RPC.

Container ready

Over 1,000,000 downloads via Docker Hub.

Paid support

Opt-in for a subscription if you don't like to self-support your Kiwi TCMS.

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Our mission is to transform the testing process by making it more organized, transparent & accountable for everyone on your team; to improve engineering productivity and participation in testing.

Subscription plans

Free as in beer

Make 5 $ single/montly donation

Private Tenant SaaS

Subscribe for 50 $/mo

Enterprise Subscription

Subscribe for 300 $/mo

OSS Program


Additional information about Kiwi TCMS subscriptions

  • With an active subscription there are no license or upgrade fees, per-incident support fees, or user access fees. It's a flat rate!
  • A subscription provides access to software versions and certain level of guarantees behind the components which constitute Kiwi TCMS
  • An active subscription ensures a sustainable future for all open source software maintained by the Kiwi TCMS team
  • Subscriptions cover Kiwi TCMS, Kiwi TCMS Enterprise and all add-ons published under
  • Subscriptions include limited coverage for third-party open source components to ensure Kiwi TCMS is not affected by issues on their side
  • You will be charged automatically each month. You may cancel at any time if you are not happy with the service provided
  • Cancelled subscriptions remain active until the period they have been paid for - usually 1 month after the last billing transaction
  • After a subscription has been cancelled you can still continue using Kiwi TCMS according to its open source licensing terms
  • Professional support is independent of hosting! You may chose a Private Tenant subscription and still decide to host Kiwi TCMS internally
  • All subscriptions are stackable giving you hosting/support flexibility
  • We recommend that customers have an active subscription for each container running Kiwi TCMS. Check out our subscription gudelines for more info
  • Devel engagement means that our team will start working on problems within the specified time frame after you contact support
  • We will try our best to estimate how long a particular task will take, however Devel engagement is not a completion deadline
  • Use add-on services for anything which isn't a support question, a bug, a feature request or related to managed hosting
  • If it's not a system or repository that we control then it needs additional services. Don't hesitate to talk to us!

See it in action

Central dashboard to start your day

See all of your test executions and test plans in one place

If you're a test and QA engineer, Kiwi TCMS is a gem open source TCMS for your team. IEEE 829 compatible, free and open source, great folks behind the project.

Marko Kažić CEO, Zamphyr

We're using Kiwi TCMS to organize all of our testing. It is used by our QA team to document test scenarios and provide peer review to other test engineers.

Maxim Krizhanovsky VP Engineering, Tradeo

Kiwi TCMS provided us with an application which solved our pain about building, maintaining and running manual regression tests.

Primož Klemen QA tester, Better

We created our own Kiwi TCMS image and pushed it to a private AWS Elastic Container Registry as we wanted to configure Amazon SES as the email backend.

Harley Thorne DevOps, BookingLive

Adoption of Kiwi TCMS has been an essential part of our process and quality improvements. It is an important component of our planned improvements.

Ron Feldman QA Engineer, Message Broadcast

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OpenAwards Mozilla Open Source Seed Award winner .eu Web Awards 2020 finalist Excallence in Innovation award

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