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will be enabled in Kiwi TCMS v13.1

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Fri 23 February 2024

Since the very beginning when we launched Kiwi TCMS our team has been struggling to understand how many people use it, how active these users are, which pages & functionality they spend the most time with, how many installations of Kiwi TCMS are out there in the wild and which exactly versions are the most used ones!

We reached over 2 million downloads without any analytics inside the application because we do not want to intrude on our users' privacy and this has not been easy! Inspired by a recent presentation we learned about Plausible Analytics - GDPR, CCPA and cookie law compliant, open source site analytics tool - and decided to use it! You can check-out how it works here.

What is changing

Starting with Kiwi TCMS v13.1 anonymous analytics will be enabled for statistical purposes. Our goal is to track overall usage patterns inside the Kiwi TCMS application(s), not to track individual visitors. All the data is in aggregate only. No personal data is sent to Plausible.

Anonymous analytics are enabled on this website, inside our official container images and for all tenants provisioned under https://* Running containers will report back to Plausible Analytics every 5 days to send the version number of Kiwi TCMS, nothing else! Here's a preview of what it looks like:

"preview of versions report"

You can examine our source code here and here.

Staying true to our open source nature we've made the stats dashboard publicly available immediately! In several months we are going to carefully examine the stats collected by the kiwitcms-container dashboard and consider making them publicly available as well! Most likely we will!

Who uses Plausible

A number of [open source] organizations have publicly endorsed the use of Plausible Analytics:

You can also inspect this huge list of Websites using Plausible Analytics compiled by a 3rd party vendor!

How can I opt-out

IMPORTANT: Private Tenant customers and demo instance users cannot opt-out! Given that they are consuming digital resources hosted by our own team they have already shared more information with us than what gets sent to Plausible! Note that we do not track individual users, analyze or sell your information to 3rd parties even across our own digital properties!

Happy Testing!

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