New and updated subscription plans for Kiwi TCMS

here's what changed

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Tue 01 March 2022

An active Kiwi TCMS subscription ensures a sustainable future for all open source software maintained by the Kiwi TCMS team and provides its holder with access to software versions and certain level services. Given recent changes to private container credentials we have refreshed our product and service definitions.

New Self Support subscription

This is an entry-level subscription which provides read-only access to version tagged containers of upstream Kiwi TCMS. It is suitable for experimentation, very small teams, development against Kiwi TCMS and convenience during upgrades.

You are free to use any older or future versions of Kiwi TCMS available from the kiwitcms/version container repository!

This subscription plan is also available via GitHub Marketplace.

Private Tenant

This is our most popular subscription type.

Starting today it also includes access to the kiwitcms/version container repository! This is suitable for teams who prefer to be hosting Kiwi TCMS on-premise instead of using the namespace provided under *

This subscription plan is also available via GitHub Marketplace.

Everything else remains the same!

Enterprise Subscription

This is Kiwi TCMS tailored towards on-premise deployments in larger organizations. Starting today it also automatically includes 1x Private Tenant which can be used for development or experiments.

Support availability has been extended by 2 hours in order to cover more geographic areas!

Future features coming to enterprise subscribers - tools for provisioning of Kiwi TCMS inside cloud environments and aarch64 containers.

Price has been increased to 400 $/mo.

New Managed Hosting subscription

This new offering is designed for the organizations which don't want to bother with provisioning containers, configuring DNS resolution, managing SSL certificates, regular upgrades and backups. The Kiwi TCMS team can do all of this for you and provide a fully isolated instance inside AWS.

Support availability has been extended by 2 days, covering Saturday and Sunday. When necessary Managed Hosting subscribers have the option for video conferences with their support contact.

All changes are effective immediately. Existing customers are granted access to everything that's new while billing changes are not applied.

If you prefer the "free beer" version of Kiwi TCMS it is available via docker pull kiwitcms/kiwi - free to use and without any guarantees according to GPLv2.

Please consider subscribing and help us make Kiwi TCMS better!

Happy Testing!