Container Registry Credentials for Subscribers

are now fully automated; here's how to use them

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Sun 27 February 2022

Kiwi TCMS subscribers had to go through a manual process of registering a username with our container registry, and email support before they could access private docker images. This process is now fully automated!

"private credentials card"

Credentials are automatically created upon subscription payment and configured for read-only access to respective repositories based on the type of subscription. You can find your credentials at the subscriptions page, PLUGINS -> Subscriptions. To authenticate try

$ docker login -u="USERNAME" -p "PASSWORD-TOKEN"
# or
$ echo "PASSWORD-TOKEN" | docker login -u="USERNAME" --password-stdin

If you would like to have access to private container repositories for Kiwi TCMS checkout the containers page and subscribe!

Happy Testing!