Kiwi TCMS 10.5

improvements, new features, bug-fixes and more

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Fri 26 November 2021 under releases

We're happy to announce Kiwi TCMS version 10.5 which celebrates the very positive reception we had at WebSummit 2021!

IMPORTANT: this is a medium sized release which contains various improvements and new features, database changes, new settings and API methods, bug-fixes, internal refactoring and updated translations.

You can explore everything at!

Supported upgrade paths:

5.3   (or older) -> 5.3.1
5.3.1 (or newer) -> 6.0.1
6.0.1            -> 6.1
6.1              -> 6.1.1
6.1.1            -> 6.2 (or newer)


Container images:

kiwitcms/kiwi       latest  0574b19b5d66    583 MB
kiwitcms/kiwi       6.2     7870085ad415    957 MB
kiwitcms/kiwi       6.1.1   49fa42ddfe4d    955 MB
kiwitcms/kiwi       6.1     b559123d25b0    970 MB
kiwitcms/kiwi       6.0.1   87b24d94197d    970 MB
kiwitcms/kiwi       5.3.1   a420465852be    976 MB

IMPORTANT: version tagged container images are available only to subscribers!

Changes since Kiwi TCMS 10.4


  • Update django from 3.2.7 to 3.2.9
  • Update django-colorfield from 0.4.3 to 0.4.5
  • Update django-extensions from 3.1.3 to 3.1.5
  • Update django-grappelli from 2.15.1 to 2.15.3
  • Update django-tree-queries from 0.6.0 to 0.7.0
  • Update jira from 3.0.1 to 3.1.1
  • Update markdown from 3.3.4 to 3.3.6
  • Update mysqlclient from 2.0.3 to 2.1.0
  • Update psycopg2 from 2.9.1 to 2.9.2
  • Display a warning if connection doesn't use HTTPS (Ivajlo Karabojkov)
  • Account registration page can be turned on/off via settings. Fixes Issue #2500
  • TestCase Search page can now filter by TestPlan. Fixes Issue #2283
  • Allow template selection when creating new test case. Fixes Issue #957
  • TestCase page now allows specification of properties, e.g. mobile devices on which the test should be executed. This feature serves as a building block for Issue #1843, Issue #1931 and Issue #1344 but isn't active anywhere else inside Kiwi TCMS at the moment
  • TestExecution properties will be displayed inside TestRun page if they have been specified
  • Rearrange help-text in admin page for better visibility
  • Switch to official Postgres image from Docker Hub
  • Switch to official MariaDB image from Docker Hub


For Postgres data dir changed from /var/lib/pgsql/data to /var/lib/postgres/data. Environment variables inside docker-compose file changed as well, see docker-compose.postgres.

For MariaDB data dir changed from /var/lib/mysql/data to /var/lib/mysql. MYSQL_CHARSET & MYSQL_COLLATION environment variables are no longer recognized. Instead they are present as command line options passed to the container, see docker-compose.yml. Previous workaround for these variables was also removed.

If you want to migrate from the previous centos/mariadb-103-centos7 or centos/postgresql-12-centos7 containers to mariadb:latest and postgres:latest make sure to update your container control files!


  • New setting REGISTRATION_ENABLED, default True, Can be controlled via environment variable KIWI_REGISTRATION_ENABLED. When set to False will disable account registration page


  • New model testcases.Property
  • New model testcases.Template
  • New model testruns.TestExecutionProperty
  • Remove unique_together constraint for testruns.TestExecution model. This makes it possible to add multiple executions for the same test case in the same test run


These newly added models create additional permission labels with names testcases | template | Can .... template, testcases | property | Can .... property, testruns | test execution property | Can .... test execution property

Execute refresh_permissions and/or assign them manually to users and groups if they should be able to interact with the new objects!


  • Method TestCase.filter() now returns additional fields setup_duration, testing_duration, expected_duration - all serialized in seconds. Refs Issue #1923 (Mfon Eti-mfon)
  • Method User.filter() will no longer return fields groups, user_permissions, date_joined and last_login
  • New method
  • New method
  • New method TestCase.add_property()
  • New method TestCase.remove_property()

Bug fixes

  • Unify tab size & tab indentation b/w Python & SimpleMDE. Fixes Issue #1802
  • Use sane_list extension for rendering consecutive lists in markdown. Closes Issue #2511


The visual markdown editor explicitly didn't follow markdown syntax rules by allowing indentation with 2 spaces and treating tabs as 2 spaces as well. See "Indentation/Tab Length" at

The backend markdown rendering engine explicitly followed an undefined behavior which happens to be different from what the visual markdown editor does. See "Consecutive Lists" at

The previous 2 changes make sure the visual editor and backend rendering engine follow the same rules. This may result is "broken" display of existing text which doesn't follow the markdown syntax rules. If you spot such text just edit to make it render the way you wish.

  • Fix broken URL and minor updates to documentation
  • Update GitLab tracker integration documentation to avoid confusion. Closes Issue #2559
  • Limit tag input length to 255 characters. Closes Issue #2176
  • Make error notifications in Admin to display with red color
  • Select only visible rows for bulk-update in TestRun page. Fixes Issue #2222
  • Remove Cache-Control header from httpd. Closes Issue #443

Refactoring and testing

  • Add permissions test for add-hyperlink-bulk menu. Closes Issue #716
  • Add explicit tests for issue tracker integration with
  • Tests teardown - remove comments & close issues on
  • Add missing rlPhaseEnd for docker tests
  • Multiple pylint and eslint fixes


Kiwi TCMS Enterprise v10.5-mt

  • Based on Kiwi TCMS v10.5

  • Update django-python3-ldap from 0.12.0 to 0.12.1

  • Update django-ses from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1

  • Update kiwitcms-tenants from 1.7.0 to 1.8.0

    Private images:         10.5-mt         3e597c91d057   804 MB            10.5            0574b19b5d66   583 MB

IMPORTANT: version tagged and Enterprise container images are available only to subscribers!

How to upgrade

Backup first! Then execute the commands:

cd path/containing/docker-compose/
docker-compose down
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d
docker exec -it kiwi_web /Kiwi/ migrate

Refer to our documentation for more details!

Happy testing!


If you like what we're doing and how Kiwi TCMS supports various communities please help us!