Please nominate Kiwi TCMS at MLH Open Source Awards

and help us show what we do to a bigger audience

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Fri 17 September 2021 under community

MLH Nomination

Last year Kiwi TCMS started partnering with the MLH Fellowship open source program. During the span of 3 semesters fellows received mentorship and career advice from us. They were also able to work on 20+ issues the majority of which have been complete.

For that we kindly ask the open source community to nominate Kiwi TCMS at the MLH Open Source Awards.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Submit a Nomination button
  3. Follow the instructions on screen!

Expected results:

  1. It should take you 2 minutes
  2. Your submission is recorded by MLH

Why are we doing this

MLH is recognizing extraordinary open source projects and communities. It is up to you, our community members and the general public to decide whether Kiwi TCMS qualifies or not. Winning this award will let us show what we do before a larger audience!

Thank you for supporting Kiwi TCMS and happy testing!

If you like what we're doing and how Kiwi TCMS supports various communities please help us!