Kiwi TCMS 10.2

improvement and bug-fix release

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Mon 12 July 2021 under releases

We're happy to announce Kiwi TCMS version 10.2!

IMPORTANT: this is a small release including upgrades to 3rd party libraries (including security related updates), several improvements and bug fixes. It is the eleventh release to include contributions via our open source bounty program!

You can explore everything at!

Supported upgrade paths:

5.3   (or older) -> 5.3.1
5.3.1 (or newer) -> 6.0.1
6.0.1            -> 6.1
6.1              -> 6.1.1
6.1.1            -> 6.2 (or newer)

Docker images:

kiwitcms/kiwi       latest  71b5c2a3dee4    972 MB
kiwitcms/kiwi       6.2     7870085ad415    957 MB
kiwitcms/kiwi       6.1.1   49fa42ddfe4d    955 MB
kiwitcms/kiwi       6.1     b559123d25b0    970 MB
kiwitcms/kiwi       6.0.1   87b24d94197d    970 MB
kiwitcms/kiwi       5.3.1   a420465852be    976 MB

Changes since Kiwi TCMS 10.1

Improvements & security updates

  • Update django from 3.2.3 to 3.2.5
  • Update django-guardian from 2.3.0 to 2.4.0
  • Update django-tree-queries from 0.5.1 to 0.5.2
  • Update psycopg2 from 2.8.6 to 2.9.1
  • Update python-gitlab from 2.7.1 to 2.9.0
  • Update node_modules/marked from 2.0.3 to 2.1.3
  • Update node_modules/html5sortable from 0.11.1 to 0.13.2
  • Update node_modules/prismjs from 1.23.0 to 1.24.1
  • Multiple select for filters on Telemetry pages. Fixes Issue #1940 (Shantanu Verma + Alex Todorov)
  • Allow editting TestCase setup_duration & testing_duration fields. References Issue #1923 (@APiligrim + Alex Todorov)
  • Move several checks to Dashboard page instead of performing them on every request (Ivajlo Karabojkov)
  • Fix grammatical error in documentation (Kushal Beniwal)
  • Add health check for Issue Tracker configuration. Fixes Issue #97
  • Document API URL field for Jira integration. Closes Issue #2443


  • tcms.core.middleware.CheckSettingsMiddleware has been removed
  • tcms.core.middleware.CheckUnappliedMigrationsMiddleware has been removed


  • Method Version.filter() now returns new field called product__name
  • Method Build.filter() now returns new field called version__value
  • Methods Build.filter(), Version.filter() and TestPlan.filter() will now order their results by product/version and then id.
  • Method Telemetry.breakdown() now returns only distinct results

Bug fixes

  • Make error messages in admin forms more legible. Fixes Issue #2404
  • Large images will now fit into the available space on the screen, e.g. inside test case description cards. Fixes Issue #2220

Refactoring and testing

  • Add automated tests for missing coverage in kiwi_auth.admin References Issue #1607 (Mariyan Garvanski)
  • Apply eslint fixes (@sonyagennova + Alex Todorov)
  • Refactor TestExecution.add_link method to use ModelForm and extend tests. Closes Issue #1327 (Rosen Sasov + Alex Todorov)
  • Use context manager when opening files to make pylint happier
  • Simplify 2 UI buttons on TestRun page
  • Enable doc8 for README and CHANGELOG and fix formatting errors

Kiwi TCMS Enterprise v10.2-mt

  • Based on Kiwi TCMS v10.2
  • Update django-ses from 2.0.0 to 2.1.1
  • Update django-python3-ldap from 0.11.4 to 0.12.0
  • Update documentation around initial config

IMPORTANT: Kiwi TCMS Enterprise container images are available only to subscribers!

How to upgrade

Backup first! If you are using Kiwi TCMS as a Docker container then:

cd path/containing/docker-compose/
docker-compose down
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d
docker exec -it kiwi_web /Kiwi/ migrate

Refer to our documentation for more details!

Happy testing!


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