Kiwi TCMS is partnering with Vola Software

to provide open source opportunities for youngsters

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Thu 15 October 2020 under community , bounty-program

We are happy to announce that Kiwi TCMS is going to partner with Vola Software to provide 2 interns with opportunities for hacking open source and bootstrapping their careers!

Vola Software is a custom software development company in one of the poorest regions of the European Union and a long-time contributor to their local ecosystem via Vratsa Software Community. They are located in Vratsa, Bulgaria.

Internship program

Alexander Tsvetanov and Vladislav Ankov are joining the Kiwi TCMS team for a 10 month adventure until the end of July 2021 with the opportunity to continue for another year afterwards!

Both Sasho and Vladi are students in the Professional Technical Gymnasium in Vratsa and are required to work part-time as junior software developers during the last 2 years of their education. Given that they have very limited practical experience and the additional red tape around hiring youngsters many software companies directly avoid such kind of relationship. This creates a catch-22 circle for both employers who are looking to hire somewhat experienced young people and youngsters who are looking to advance their practical skills.

Here's where Kiwi TCMS steps-in! What better way to improve practical knowledge than contributing to an actively used and actively maintained open source software! We are nearing the 200K downloads mark on Docker Hub so changes made by Sasho and Vladi will be visible to a very big pool of our users and customers!

Both have already started their open source adventure last week and are currently going through some training. However they were faced with real problems which resulted in bug discovery and a pull request for python-bugzilla underlined by a 20 years old issue in Python. How's that for a start ?


Vola Software is the direct employer for Sasho and Vladi because they have the necessary permits and experience required for hiring youngsters. Kiwi TCMS is the direct technical mentor and will be acting as a customer to Vola Software!

Vola Software will be paying a minimal salary to our interns as required by law. Kiwi TCMS will reimburse the full amount while Vola Software will be covering their accounting and administrative expenses. Both Sasho and Vladi will also be eligible for our open source bounty-program as an extra stimulation!

All expenses will be fully transparent and visible via our Open Collective page!

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Thanks for reading and happy testing!