Kiwi TCMS container images now available via Red Hat

and changes to images from Docker Hub

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Tue 18 August 2020 under releases

Hello testers, we have very important news around how container images for Kiwi TCMS will be distributed! Recently Docker has announced several changes in their storage plans which makes it less viable for our team to continue using their services in full!

Information about official upstream container images

The official upstream Kiwi TCMS container image will continue to be publicly available via Docker Hub as before. In addition all existing and new images will be available via These images are available as

Content is exactly the same between the two registries and you may use the one which you like best!

Warning: after November 1st 2020 older versions will not be available from Docker Hub, only from! The reason is that Docker is enforcing a 6 month image retention limit for free plans!

Information about private containers for subscribers

Subscribers enjoy the benefit of having read-only access to tagged versions of the upstream Kiwi TCMS container images as well as access to tagged versions of Kiwi TCMS Enterprise container images! Previously these containers were distributed via Docker Hub and are now available via

Important: existing subscribers have been notified and granted access to the new repositories on We advise you to update your docker-compose.yml files and start using the new images at your earliest convenience!

Warning: existing subscribers will continue having access to private repositories on Docker Hub until December 31st 2020! Private repositories on Docker Hub will become unavailable after January 31st, 2021 when Docker's new storage plans will be forced into effect!

Why did we chose

There are multiple container registry services available! We think delivers the best price/quality ratio for our own use-case. In particular we like the billing model around number of private repositories instead the one around the number of users in your organization. That's very similar to how we provide access to Kiwi TCMS via our own subscriptions!

Also it just looks cool if you employ your imagination, especially for non-native English speakers: quay -> qu-ai -> QA!

Thanks for reading and happy testing!