Versioned releases of Kiwi TCMS

available to enterprise customers

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Tue 23 June 2020 under community , releases

We are happy to announce that versioned releases of Kiwi TCMS container images are now available to customers with an active enterprise subscription.

For a long time our release policy has been to push only latest version of our upstream kiwitcms/kiwi containers. This upstream channel doesn't carry version tags and receives versioned releases only when there are backwards incompatible database migrations! This proved challenging to administrators who don't upgrade immediately to the latest version as soon as it comes out.

For example this happens in environments where admins use the upstream images as proof of concept and later switch to a production grade installation. Quite often they migrate to the Kiwi TCMS Enterprise containers during the same time.

Starting today versioned releases of Kiwi TCMS (single tenant) will be available via the mrsenko/kiwitcms private repository on Docker Hub. This repository includes tagged versions of the same docker images coming from the kiwitcms/kiwi channel! Access is granted automatically to all existing enterprise subscribers!