Robot Framework plugin for Kiwi TCMS

v1.0.0 - initial release

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Wed 06 May 2020 under releases

We're happy to announce the initial release of kiwitcms-robotframework-plugin! This package allows you execute your Robot Framework test suite and report the results into Kiwi TCMS! This plugin is the brain child of our Luca Valentini and Aniello Barletta and has its roots in the Robot Framework Milano user-group.

To install:

pip install kiwitcms-robotframework-plugin

and then make use of it like so:

robot --listener zealand.listener.KiwiTCMS

The plugin needs the ~/.tcms.conf configuration file:

url = https://tcms.server/xml-rpc/
username = your-username
password = your-password

and you can also specify the ${plan_id}, ${product} and ${build_user_email} variables in your .robot files. If any of these are missing it will attempt to discover the necessary information from your environment. The exact behavior is documented here.

This plugin uses the upstream robotframework/WebDemo test suite with SeleniumLibrary in a combination with a downstream test with the OperatingSystem library. The results are reported in TP-290. For more information checkout our package repository on GitHub!

Happy testing!