Want to hack open source ?

Kiwi TCMS is looking for contributors

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Sat 02 March 2019 under community , team

Have you ever wanted to be part of an open source team? Have you ever wanted to contribute back the open source community ? Have you ever wanted to see your code used by thousands of people ?

If yes now you have the opportunity! Read on to learn how you can help Kiwi TCMS and how our team can help you.

Inexperienced Python developer(s)

It is fine not to have any experience at all! You will compensate with commitment and hard work. Initially you are going to work on refactoring, cleaning up pylint errors, removing duplicate code and other issues reported by CodeClimate.

By doing this you will have the opportunity to learn git, Python, Django, some CSS, JavaScript and Patternfly HTML of course. We are going to provide you with all the learning materials plus help and guidance from existing team members.

Everyone on the team has gone though the same training procedure and grueling tasks and so will you! Once you can demonstrate progress and learn the ropes you will continue working on more complicated tasks.

Experienced Python developer(s)

So you have some experience already, you've probably contributed code before and are now looking for more green stripes on your GitHub profile. We've got you covered!

There are many areas to choose from: issue tracker integration, GitHub integration, GitLab integration, external API library, Kiwi TCMS plugins written in Python and customized pylint linters! This is going to be where you get your hands dirty and show your strengths. Our team is here to help if necessary but we expect you to show progress by yourself.

A challenge for you will be to review pull requests from other contributors and be patient with less experienced contributors and team members. This is an excellent opportunity to work on your people skills as well.

Experienced non-Python developer(s) (with Java)

Kiwi TCMS is primarily looking for Java developers who will own our test automation plugins. Currently we have a plugin for JUnit 5 and TestNG is in planning. Maybe there will be a plugin for Jenkins as well. You are going to own these components and work solely on them. Unless you decide to learn Python and Django that would be a very easy job!

.NET, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript ? We don't have a lot of code written in these languages but you can help change this. The main thing we'd like you to know (or become familiar with) are the internals of popular test automation frameworks for these languages and how to create plugins for them.

QA engineer with Python

You are going to test a lot! You are going to write test automation a lot! Ideally you already have a medium level of experience in the software testing field and want to improve your coding skills and/or get more experience into a different application domain. We also have Linux and Docker in the mix, just for fun!

Your responsibility will be to design test scenarios for various features (new or existing), write test automation scripts and help improve overall test coverage and quality of Kiwi TCMS. You will also check-in on non-Python developers and help them with test design when necessary.

There are other things that can be tested as well, for example Kiwi TCMS performance and scalability. Here you will have to get down to the nitty-gritty stuff and do some profiling to pin-point where the root cause of the problem is.

Security freak

We've got Coverity scan and Snyk automatically inspecting our code base. We do have some other tools as well and we know they can never be enough.

You will be responsible for triaging the numerous issues being reported by these tools and help us decide if they are a real threat or a false positive. For example Coverity reports hundreds of issues mostly coming from our Python and Node.js dependency stack. We haven't had the time to classify them and work with upstream communities to fix them thus the majority of your contributions will be outside of the Kiwi TCMS code base.

Graphics designer

Your main job is going to be creating beautiful images for our website, blog posts and promotional material. All the images we use are licensed under Creative Commons which we then modify with the specific Kiwi TCMS look and feel. This is not going to change, your work will remain under a permissive license!

Marketing specialist

You will be directly responsible for driving more traffic to our website, interpreting Google Analytics metrics and coming up with creative ideas how to boost Kiwi TCMS popularity. This means, but not limited to blog posts, collaborations with other projects and/or bloggers, professional magazines, etc. You will also be in charge of events and conferences that we go to! Whenever possible you will be coming with us as well!

A challenge for you will be to learn some technical jargon and learn more about the software testing profession and software testers in general!

What's in it for you ?

You will sharpen your skills! You will use Kiwi TCMS as a platform to improve your career. You will experience the gratification of our community of users.

This blog is the medium where you can share tips and tricks and technical articles about interesting features in Kiwi TCMS. If you'd rather have your personal blog working on Kiwi TCMS will give you lots of topics to write about.

We go to conferences and meetups too. If public speaking is your thing you will have plenty of topics to talk about. We can also help you deliver your first presentation! Everyone on the team has done it!

Our existing team will help you learn and we will help you grow. Our personal time is the most expensive item we can offer to you! In return we expect you to fulfill your commitments and when you promise something will be done you will make sure it is done!

How to apply ?

You can figure this out yourself.

Happy testing!