Kiwi TCMS 6.0

security upgrade and removal of environment properties

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Thu 04 October 2018 under releases

We're happy to announce Kiwi TCMS version 6.0! This release introduces new database migrations, removal of environment properties in favor of tags, internal updates and bug fixes. You can explore everything at

This release removes squashed migrations. Direct upgrades from versions < 5.3.1 to 6.0 will break without an intermediate upgrade to 5.3.1!

Docker images:

kiwitcms/kiwi       latest  cd087297f349    991.3 MB

Changes since Kiwi TCMS 5.3.1


  • Update to Django 2.1.2 due to high severity security issue
  • Update to Patternfly 3.54.8
  • Tag objects are now shown in Admin panel
  • Add autocomplete when adding tags to TestRun via UI

Removed functionality

  • TestCase new and edit views no longer allow editing of tags. Tags can be added/removed from the Tags tab which also makes sure to properly account for permissions
  • Remove EnvGroup, EnvProperty and EnvValue models in favor of tags. Existing values and properties are converted into tags and automatically added to test runs!
  • Convert squashed database migrations to regular ones and remove older migrations. WARNING: upgrade from versions <= 5.3.1 to 6.0 will break without an intermediate upgrade to kiwitcms/kiwi:5.3.1 a420465852be.
  • Remove deprecated TestCase.estimated_time and TestRun.estimated_time. Fixes Issue #514

Backend API

  • No longer use product_version for TestRun.create. Fixes Issue #522
    • 'product' is no longer required
    • 'product_version' is no longer required
    • 'manager' and 'default_tester' can be usernames or IDs
  • TestCase.create no longer accepts 'tag' values
  • TestRun.add_tag and TestRun.remove_tag now return list of tags. Previously these methods returned None! This is the list of tags assigned to the TestRun that is being modified!

Bug fixes

  • Fix mismatched HTML tag in plan/get.html template (Oleg Kainov)
  • Don't use |slugify filter in templates which breaks HTML links with non-ASCII TestPlan names. Fixes Sentry KIWI-TCMS-38


  • Fix pylint errors (Ivaylo Ivanov, Anton Sankov)
  • Use existing JSON-RPC methods to add/remove tags via webUI and remove specialized backend methods that handled these requests. Also make sure to obey respective permissions


How to upgrade

If you are using Kiwi TCMS as a Docker container then:

cd Kiwi/
git pull
docker-compose down
docker pull kiwitcms/kiwi
docker pull centos/mariadb
docker-compose up -d
docker exec -it kiwi_web /Kiwi/ migrate

Don't forget to backup before upgrade!

Subscription based online service

We are planning to convert into a subscription based service for people who don't want to bother installing Kiwi TCMS on their own systems and just want to use it for test collaboration with their team.

The income from this service will go towards covering operating costs and supporting the development team. Watch this blog for further announcements about this. Meanwhile you may share your thoughts via Issue #515.

Plans to remove deprecated functionality

TestRun.product_version will be removed from the database schema in favor of TestRun.plan.product_version! With the latest web interface it is not possible to select a product version different than the one selected in the Test Plan. Test runs should only be able to select product builds (after Issue #246 is fixed).