Kiwi TCMS conference presence

Bulgaria Web Summit, OSCAL, DjangoCon Europe

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Wed 11 April 2018 under community , events

Kiwi TCMS is going on a small conference tour. This is where you can find us in the next couple of months:

For all of the 3 conferences we're going to have a project presence. In addition to that you can catch-up with Alex Todorov, Kiwi's project lead at: TestCon Moscow(17-19 April, Moscow), Romanian Testing Conference(9-11 May, Cluj-Napoca), PyCon CZ(1-3 June, Prague) and DEVit(10-11 June, Thessaloniki).

If you can ping us at @KiwiTCMS or look for the kiwi bird logo and come to say hi!