Feature showcase: Personal API tokens

available in Kiwi TCMS v12.7 Private Tenant & Enterprise subscriptions

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Wed 06 December 2023 under features

For a long time now Kiwi TCMS has supported integration with external issue tracking systems, such as JIRA. This integration is usually configured via bot accounts and their respective credentials and our flagship functionality is 1-click bug report! This is how it looks like:

Notice that Reporter (field 1) is kiwitcms-bot although the currently logged in user (field 2) is different. The Reporter text reference (field 3) is the full name of the tester working on the Kiwi TCMS side and may not match neither of fields 1 and 2! This presents a challenge if you are tracking any metrics based on the actual Reporter field in JIRA.

The new Personal API tokens functionality allows Kiwi TCMS users to override existing issue tracker configurations with their own API credentials. Here's how it works:

Notice that Reporter (field 1), the currently logged in user (field 2) and the Reporter text reference (field 3) now represent the same person!

Happy Testing!

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