QGIS has chosen Kiwi TCMS

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Tue 11 August 2020 under community

We are happy to announce that QGIS has chosen Kiwi TCMS for the basis of their Quality Assurance methodology and infrastructure improvement program! Kiwi TCMS will play a central role in storing test case definitions, organizing test cycles, and assigning and tracking test executions by testers from the QGIS community.

QGIS is a free and open source geographic information system which contains desktop, server, web and mobile applications for various operating systems. It is an established project with very large and diverse community and also one of the very well known open source GIS systems.

The proposal QEP#180 is the highest voted proposal in the 2020 QGIS Grant Program and has been awarded a budget of 5000€! This grant will allow the proponents to spend significantly more time setting up the infrastructure and planning a methodology for manual testing.

Scope of proposal

QEP#180 aims to create the necessary infrastructure and methodology to organize and encourage systematic testing before each QGIS release:

This effort will steer members & volunteers of the QGIS community towards a more systematic and organized testing during a feature freeze period before a release. The focus here is on integration testing, manual & semi-automated workflows for important functionality that should never regress and is hard or impossible to cover via unit tests.

The proposal is lead by Alexandre Neto, Giovanni Manghi and Alexander Bruy!

On behalf of the Kiwi TCMS community welcome aboard and happy testing!