Kiwi TCMS open source bounty program, Round 01

focus: translation & test automation plugins

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Fri 17 April 2020 under community , bounty-program

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Kiwi TCMS is donating € 10000 (ten thousand euro) to our community to enable more hands working together and give an opportunity for people to get exposed to open source contributions. You will help us complete pending tasks faster while learning something new and receive a bonus for your efforts! This blog post outlines the rules of our open source bounty program.

Who is eligible to participate

Everyone who meets the following criteria is eligible to participate:

If you are beginner in Python, Django or some other technology that we use please consider available documentation, your local user group, developers forum and StackOverflow to get help. Do not turn GitHub issues into a "getting started in programming" discussion.

Engagement rules

FIFO order for code review

About issues

Our team will try to clearly describe each task and what constitutes a successfully completed task, e.g. definition of done (DoD). If this isn't the case please ask questions and seek clarification about such tasks.

Payout rules

Once DoD has been met and the contribution is merged you may claim the assigned bounty. You must perform the following steps:

Identity cross validation:

Once an expense has been submitted add a comment with your GitHub/Crowdin username to it + open a new issue in GitHub /new discussion in Crowdin with link to the expense submission. This will help us cross-validate that we are talking to the same person between platforms.

Note on bank transfers

A message from our Fiscal Host:

We currently prefer to do payouts using bank transfers. We used to support PayPal but fees were way too high for the collectives.

About bank transfer, we do EU transfers as well as non EU (which takes more time obviously).

We noticed that several collectives are now using Revolut bank accounts which is the easiest and cheapest way (it’s free) to receive money anywhere in the world.

It looks like the fastest & cheapest way to get paid is via Revolut account if you have one, followed by standard bank transfer and PayPal account is last!

Bounties: translation related tasks

Bounties: test automation plugins

Bounties: assorted technical issues

Call for sponsors

We are also calling upon teams and organizations who use Kiwi TCMS in their testing workflows. Please consider making a one-time donation or becoming a regular sponsor via our Collective. You can contribute as low as € 1! The entire budget will be distributed to the community!

Vote for Kiwi TCMS

Our website has been nominated in the 2020 .eu Web Awards and we've promised to do everything in our power to greet future FOSDEM visitors with an open source billboard advertising at BRU airport. We need your help to do that!

Happy bounty hunting!