We're not participating in 'QA of the year' award

ironically because of a bug

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Fri 14 February 2020

Hello testers, this is the story of how our team is not taking part of the "QA of the year" contest organized by the QA: Challenge Accepted conference despite being nominated by Alex. In collaboration with Peter Sabev (organizer) we've managed to figure out what happened:

Then after a few days we've got word back - Peter had figured out what happened. Apparently the same Google form has been opened on 2 different computers and one of them overwrote the existing submissions.

This kind of issue can be avoided by employing the following measures:

Sadly the issue was discovered after the submission deadline has ended so Kiwi TCMS can't participate in this year's contest. We wish the rest of the finalists best of luck and we're going to see you at QA: Challenge Accepted next month.

Happy testing!