Customize the information used for 1-click bug reports

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Sat 11 July 2020 under customization

Kiwi TCMS integration with 3rd party bug trackers supports the 1-click bug report feature. However you may want to change how the initial information is structured or even what exactly is written in the initial comment. This article shows how to do this.

The default text used for 1-click bug reports gets compiled based on information present in the TestExecution - Product, Version, TestCase.text, etc. This is encapsulated in the tcms.issuetracker.base.IssueTrackerType._report_comment() method. You may extend the existing bug tracker integration code with your own customizations. In this example I've extended the KiwiTCMS bug tracker implementation but you can provide your own from scratch

# filename:
class ExtendedBugTracker(KiwiTCMS):
    def _report_comment(self, execution):
        comment = super()._report_comment(execution)

        comment += "----- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION -----\n\n"
        # fetch more info from other sources
        comment += "----- END ADDITIONAL INFORMATION -----\n"
        return comment

Then override the EXTERNAL_BUG_TRACKERS setting to include your customizations:


and change the bug tracker type, via, to mymodule.ExtendedBugTracker.


Happy testing!