Kiwi TCMS Python API client

version 1.4.0

Posted by Kiwi TCMS Team on Fri 08 December 2017

We are happy to announce the first official release of the tcms-api package! This is a Python client for Kiwi TCMS.

There are couple of main distinctions in this module:

For more information you should check-out the documentation and the script_examples/ directory.

At the moment the API client is both Python2 and Python3 compatible, however it is tested only under Python3!

A bit of history

The original API client, like Kiwi TCMS itself began its origin under a different name and was created primarily by Petr Splichal. Since then Kiwi TCMS has evolved and we've decided that the API module needs to evolve as well. At the moment the tcms-api module is a bit rough around the edges, its documentation is not really the best one and it's currently advisable to spend some time reading the code to figure out how everything works.

We're going to improve on all of these areas and we need help from the community to do so! Please download the tcms-api module, check it out, write and contribute example scripts (you can use the demo site for this), send us bug reports, suggestions and pull requests!

Happy testing!

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