A central dashboard to start your day

For test engineers
Find pending work, execute tests, mark results and report bugs! Only Test Runs in progress are shown.
Test management
Define test plans and cases, track progress and assign work across multiple teams. Perform peer reviews.

A Test Plan is a collection of Test Cases

  • Document: use IEEE 829 format or simply describe what you are planning to do and what your strategy is.
  • Test Cases: review and add Test Cases to the Plan. These are the actual scenarios that will be tested.
  • Execute: create Test Run for each build and environment that will be tested to record the results.
Execute Test Cases and collect their results! Tagging and Environment properties help you identify different execution environments. Use the Test Run status widget to monitor progress and generate a report!

Integrate with your favorite bug tracker

  • Status & comments: update execution status and add comments to describe what was done.
  • Report Bugs: add existing or report new bugs. Bug tracker will open with pre-filled fields.
  • Integration: with GitHub, JIRA and Bugzilla. Others can be added very easily.
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